Easy-to-install products for your snowplow truck upfits.

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Easy-to-Install_Powersmart_400Are you looking for opportunities to move your snowplow truck installs out of the shop faster?

Cirus Controls offers easy-to-install central hydraulics and control systems for spreader controls and plow controls that will help you get your next snowplow truck upfit out of the shop faster — and save you time and money.

Our PowerSmart™ centralized power and accessories wiring system standardizes truck body wiring across multiple end users and equipment sets.

The Barracuda™ is a compact integrated system for both plow controls and
spreader controls.

Your customers want to save money by regulating the rate of salt and other de-icing materials applied to road surfaces by snowplow trucks. Make your customers and upfit technicians happy by specifying the easy-to-install SpreadSmart Rx™  spreader control system for your next snow and ice truck assembly.

Need reliable controls for basic spreading applications? Try our EZ Spread™ electronic spreader control system for granular and pre-wet applications.


Make your next snowplow electronics install easier.

Cirus Controls electronic spreader control kits are delivered fast — and complete — the first time, helping you move your spreader control upfit out of the shop faster.

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Cirus Controls has dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada and regional sales managers to assist you. Find the dealer and regional sales manager closest to you with our Dealer Locator.

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We’ll be happy to answer each of your questions. See our Contact Us page for a variety of ways to get in touch. Just want to give us a call? Our Customer Service and Technical Support number is 763.493.9380.

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