Safer, smarter mounting options for spreader and plow controls.

System mounting options from Cirus offer optimum functionality. Whether you need an organized mounting system for your spreader and plow controls or a protective enclosure or fluid reservoir for your hydraulic system, Cirus Controls offers superior enclosures, reservoirs and mounting options to help ensure safety and optimize operations.

Mounting options for spreader and plow controls:

Jump Seat Mount

Now you can get snow and ice removal equipment designed specifically to fit 1-ton trucks. Our Jump Seat Mount features “snap-in” headrest mounting for contractor-type hydraulic plow and spreader controls in Ford F550, F450 and F350 trucks. Use for winter, remove for summer!

Jump Seat Mount
Mongoose Arm Unit Flip Arm Unit
Armadillo Arm Unit Pedestal
X-Tech Slimline Mini Pedestal
Padded Console X-Tech Cube

Download product literature for system mounting options.

For more information on finding the right mounting option for your spreader and plow controls, contact Cirus Controls.